Frequently Asked Questions

    Scheduling Q & A

  1. What should I do to prepare for my first visit?
    Please visit our First Visit instructions and bring the appropriate forms.
  2. How can I schedule an appointment?
    Appointments may only be scheduled by calling our office at 407-829-8960. Please do not accept requests to schedule appointment online.
  3. How long does it take to get in to see the doctor for a sick visit verses a physical?
    Once you have established as a patient with us, we strive to see sick adult patients within a 24 hour period. Sick children will be seen same day, unless you call late in the day and then we will see them the next morning. Well adult and well baby physicals can be scheduled on a first available basis.
  4. What is your policy for canceling appointments, and can I do it online?
    Our office policy is that appointments that are cancelled on the same day as the appointment MAY be subject to our $35.00 cancellation fee. Patients that fail to show up for their scheduled appointment without prior notice WILL be charged $35.00. We ask that you DO NOT cancel appointments online. Please call our office to cancel any appointments, so that we are able to help you reschedule at that time.
  5. Communication Q & A

  6. Once I have become established as a patient with your practice can I see either doctor?
    No. Our doctors do not see each others patients. If you choose Dr. Ed Magee as your physician, you will NOT be able to see Dr. Kristy Magee and vice versa. This policy ensures continuity of your medical care.
  7. Can I email questions to my doctor and will they respond to me via email?
    Due to the fact that no email is ever truly secure, it is not advisable and therefore you do at your own risk. If you do choose to email our doctors with personal information and/or questions, it will be noted in your medical record and you will receive a call back from a nurse or the doctor.
  8. I get frequent sinus infections or urinary tract infections and know which medicines work for me. If I call in, do I have to make an appointment every time to see the doctor or will they call something in for me?
    Drs. Ed and Kristy DO NOT practice phone medicine. Although we understand it is not always convenient to come in, we feel it is not wise to treat any patients’ symptoms over the phone in the event something may be missed in translations or unseen.
  9. Which hospitals do your doctors admit patients to?
    Drs. Ed and Kristy have admitting privileges at Florida Hospitals and Central Florida Regional Hospital. Our doctors do not make rounds in any of the hospitals. We have designated groups of hospital doctors who will notify and update us throughout your patient stay. This allows our doctors to help coordinate the care you receive while in the hospital with the care you will need after you are discharged.
  10. Insurance Q & A

  11. What Insurances do you accept?
    Due to insurances changing so often, please call to verify whether your plan is accepted or not.
  12. Do you accept Discount Medical Plans?
    Yes. Our office policy is that you pay the full charge amount for your visit and/or anything else that is performed at the time of service. We will provide you with an itemized receipt that you can submit to your plan for reimbursement.
  13. Do you accept Medicaid as a secondary to Medicare?
    We are not contracted with any of the Medicaid plans and are unable to get authorization from Medicaid to refer patients for any tests or to any specialist.
  14. I have an insurance you do not take, but I’d like to pay out of pocket so I can see you?
    No, there are several reasons we do not allow you to do this. It is against insurance contractual regulations and due to frequent audits performed; we will not jeopardize violating our contract as providers. This also enables us to obtain authorization from your insurance when referring you to a specialist or sending you for lab work, therapy or any other tests.
  15. Do you take Workers Comp?
    No, your employer has a contract with Workers Comp doctors. Contact your HR department.
  16. Do you file Auto insurance claims?
    Yes, you will need to provide your Auto insurance card / policy number, accident claim number / accident report, claims mailing address, adjusters name and phone number.

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